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Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical

December 13, 2023 | 7:00 pm Altria Theater

THE GRINCH broke box office records for two consecutive years on Broadway during its holiday engagements at the St. James and Hilton theatres in New York. Since then, millions of families across America have been delighted by this heart-warming holiday musical, which The New York Times praised as “100 times better than any bedtime story” and the Gannett papers hailed as “A genius of a show! A total delight for both kids and adults.”

Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical features the hit songs “You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch” and “Welcome Christmas” (written by Albert Hague and Dr. Seuss) from the original animated series. Max the Dog narrates as the mean and scheming Grinch, whose heart is “two sizes too small,” decides to steal Christmas away from the Holiday loving Whos. Magnificent sets (John Lee Beatty) and costumes (Robert Morgan) inspired by Dr. Seuss’ original illustrations help transport audiences to the whimsical world of Whoville, while the Music and Book of Mel Marvin and Timothy Mason breathe new life into this timeless story of the true meaning of Christmas. GRINCH is directed by Matt August and choreographed by Bob Richard based on the original choreography by John DeLuca and originally created by 3-time Tony Award® winning director, Jack O’Brien.

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Pre-Show Information

5:30 pm | Altria Theater Ballroom


Roscoe Burnems, also known as Douglas Powell, is an author, spoken-word artist, educator, and Richmond, Virginia’s first poet laureate. He is the author of the collections God, Love, Death and Other Synonyms, Chrysalis Under Fire, and Fighting Demons. In his time as a slam poet, he has been a two-time southern regional team finalist, National Poetry Slam Champion, and Season 1 Screen Time Slam Champion. As a poetry slam coach, he has been a NPS Group Piece finalist and taken VCU’s poetry team to rank 3rd internationally. He is a TEDx speaker and founder of the poetry based art collective The Writer’s Den. In 2021, he received an Academy of American Poets Laureate Fellowship.

Everywhere the Grinch went, he left an awful stench

His heart was no doubt no more than an inch


He thought stealing Christmas would be a cinch

Little did he know that Cindy Lou Who would throw him a wrench


Her blue eyes made him flinch, for he knew his plan was spoiled in a pinch

His heart gave a quick flinch as it grew inch by inch


For Christmas was returned as fast as a goldfinch

“Merry Christmas to all” said the Grinch

Grinch Grinch he loves to pinch,

He’s green he’s mean,

Every Christmas night he would growl,

While his dog Max howled,

He would look out the window and watch the snow,

To him it was barely a show,

Down in Whosville Cindy Lou eats pie,

The Grinch hates Christmas and no one knows why.



Icicles, icicles, what an interesting thing,

They start in winter, but end in spring.

First, they form from water to ice,

And just so you know, they taste quite nice. 

Then they melt from the very first flowers,

Hot warm weather, and cool spring showers.

When they melt, they wait and wait,

They wait and wait until they evaporate!

Once they evaporate, they go up to a cloud,

But how oh how do they get back to the ground? 

Well, the next winter if it ever rains,

And if it ever snows and if it ever gains

A degree colder than thirty four,

Then there might just be icicles hanging from your door.

Icicles, icicles, what an interesting thing,

They are here when it’s cold but are gone when it’s spring.

I raced to finish my Christmas trap,

So the Grinch doesn’t steal my doll that raps.

I tied, I strung, I roped, I taped!

Because if he could, 

I knew he would.  

I laid awake and waited, 

But then I heard it, BING, BONG, BANG!

I ran downstairs and watched that fool squirm and worm,

I said, “GOT YOU GRINCH!” as he scooted away.

I went to bed waiting for Christmas Day!

Mr. Grinch you are mean,green 

and smell like chlorine. 


You scare me and dare me 

to run from your home. 

You make me moan and groan.


I give you a glare 

and you give me a scare 

and I run back over there.


You steal away christmas

and turned it into Grinchmas. 

That’s not fair. But you don’t care.

The grinch was feeling green

But he was also feeling mean

The grinch left a skunk

But he didn’t feel a thunk

He looks like a goose

But smells like a moose 

I just want to go to a grinch show

And then I will go play in the snow

Mr. Grinch and the Spirit of the Holiday Season


Mr. Grinch, don’t get your head in a twist.

don’t start making a list of what you can steal.

Watch out on christmas night he’ll come to your house and take your gifts.

And he’ll make you slip on a rotten banana peel.

And he’d just say pfft.

And slither away like an eel. 

Once he gets to his lair, he’ll laugh his head off.

‘Till it’s red.

Then he’ll go to  bed. 

Once he’s asleep he’ll dream about him doing good  things, 

then he’ll wake up and cough with sarcasm.

Back at home you’ll weep in your sleep.

Then you’ll wish he would fall in a chasm.

He would be at home  thinking about all the bad things he’d done and he’d notice he’s regretting.

Then he’ll come back with his sack of gifts.

And in no time you’ll notice he’s trying to make up for setting a bad example.

Then you might run over and hug him and his spirits might rise.

Then he’ll yell surprise.

Merry Christmas!!!

Turning christmas upside down,

He makes everybody frown

Every single person in town!


Grinch is a humbug, everybody can see

Rarely any people are as bad as he!

I’m not so sure he has a heart,

Nevertheless, we gave him a fresh start.

Could you ever guess what happened next?

He made everyone perplexed


Stolen presents had come back,

Could he have done it just to confuse everyone, including mailman Mack?

Had he done it because his heart was back to good?

Really he had done it because that is what he should.


I got all my presents, I was happy, that is true,

Stuck in all my present wrapping, I didn’t know what to do.

This bad guy, known far and wide, had brought back his stolen goods,

Maybe I could find him in the woods,

As surprising as it was I found him in the dining hall,

Superman to all!

Grinch, you live in a cave because you do not behave

His only friend is his dog, Max.

Every inch of him will crave

To ruin Christmas for the Who’s; just facts!


Grinch, you are so cross

The people of Whoville are a delight.

You are the grouchiest thing we have ever come across

You could be the shining light! 


Grinch, Christmas season is a joyous time

You think the songs from Whoville are clamorous.

Singing and celebrating is not a crime

Your aversion to the holidays is ridiculous! 


Grinch, you are misbehaving and atrocious

The Who’s hope that this is your last opus!

Being Kind When You’re Feeling Grinchy


Have you ever had the most Grinch-Grinchy day?

Despite your best efforts, it just won’t go your way?


Maybe you lost your favorite kerpluffin.

Or a ploderbot kicked you right in the muffin.


I have an idea, a real smart little thought.

Have you tried spreading kindness where often it’s not?


A smile, high-five, or a “hey, how are you?”

Can make even an old zwatter feel happier too.


So if the bad day blues don’t seem to end,

The best way to fix it is to find a new friend.

One christmas a long time ago,

Children were playing and jumping in snow.

When along came a snowman an alive one too,

He snuck behind the children and shouted boo!

Then he laughed and the children laughed too.

They played outside all day long

Sledding and singing a christmas song.

But then it got dark and they all waved goodbye,

As afternoon sun set down in the sky.

Then as the sky filled with stars 

Santa Clause came riding down from afar.

Twas the night before Christmas

When the Grinch made his move

While the children were sleeping

He tiptoed ever so smooth


He stole lots of presents

Cindy lou caught a peek

Of a big green man

Going by in a streak


He ran and ran all down town

While all the families gathered around

They sang Christmas songs and ate a roast beast slice

And made the Grinch’s heart grow from naughty to nice

An Adventure In Candyland


In the land of ice cream and sweets

go to the dock and there you shall meets

a pirate gang made of sugar and chips 

help them to overthrow nine other ships.

the pirate’s names are Sugar, Fluffy, and Drop 

they’ll give you a key to unlock a door, and pop!

You will be on a train to Girgagalop

there eat a piece of pink and blue goo

and all your wildest dreams will come true 

next go to the sugary gingerbread throne

and talk to the small licorice gnome

he will be near you the rest of the way home

then go to sleep in a secret closet

and talk to the spider that they call Floset

he will tell you the answer then you tell it to me

now go to the magical nacho tree

Climb to the top branch and from there you can see

the ugly monster that searches for you

help him to search for me too

Now remind your forgetful licorice gnome

and he will take you on the dangerous path home.