Employment Opportunities


Greater Richmond Wolf Trap Teaching Artist

Are you or someone you know passionate about sharing innovative strategies to foster integrated arts education for young children? Become a part of an initiative to do just that through Greater Richmond Wolf Trap, an institute for early learning through the arts. RPAA seeks artists from diverse backgrounds experienced in theatre, music, puppetry, and dance/movement from both western and nonwestern forms for virtual and in-school based residencies and programs.

RPAA's Vision

To create a vibrant community where the performing arts flourish and strengthen Richmond’s cultural, social, and economic vitality. Students, educators, and community members have equitable access to high-quality arts education and learning opportunities. Artists and arts organizations from all backgrounds have affordable and professional performance spaces and the capacity and resources to grow their programs and reach new audiences. And, patrons from all areas of the region see themselves reflected in the programs presented and enjoy diverse arts experiences in welcoming spaces, including our venues—Altria Theater and Dominion Energy Center.

Statement of Values

Through reflection, dialogue, and practice, RPAA identified the following core values as central to its work:


RPAA is a team of passionate individuals who are champions for the performing arts. The organization leads with its mission and provides core support for the sector. RPAA strives to create a culture of safety and belonging for all in its spaces and through its programs. The staff listens to and honors community members. The organization is committed to being a trusted partner and being transparent and reliable.


Creativity lays the foundation for RPAA’s work. It leads to new ideas and solutions to critical issues. The RPAA staff is curious about its role in the community and is responsive and adaptable in delivering programs. Exploration of the unknown and a desire to see what happens when the team says “yes!” leads to new connections and broadens the scope of programs and events. Ingenuity results in a more significant impact and brings RPAA closer to its vision.


RPAA is committed to continuous learning. The organization is open to change to meet the needs of the community. Feedback and different views are welcomed. Decisions are made in collaboration with partners. The staff actively works to make the arts sector more diverse and representative. Open dialogue and authentic relationships are vital to this work. Collective action makes this possible.