Genworth BrightLights Education Center

Digital arts lab

Genworth BrightLights Education Center

The Genworth BrightLights Education Center serves as the hub for the education programs of Richmond Performing Arts Alliance (RPAA). With three rooms of varying sizes, the Center hosts a variety of meetings, workshops (for educators, artists and students) and classes offered by RPAA, our resident companies, and other arts partners and community organizations. Examples include rehearsals of the Richmond Symphony’s Youth Orchestra Program and dance classes offed by Latin Ballet of Virginia.

The lobby and rooms of the Center are available for outside companies and organizations to rent for meetings, workshops and more. For more information, please contact Education Assistant Melissa Rayford at or (804) 592-3381.

Digital Arts Lab

Technology is a core component of all our programs as it serves as a primary resource and method of delivery for our programs. Through the capabilities of our Digital Arts Lab, we are able to live-stream learning events from RPAA facilities and offer recorded events for continued use in the classroom. Located in our Genworth BrightLights Education Center, the Digital Arts Lab is comprised of MAC workstations with video-editing software and HD cameras whereby students learn every facet of setting up, shooting, editing and uploading content for use via the web. In doing so, we are working to create an online portal of resources for learning to ultimately be used in the schools and in the home.

Video Production for the Performing Arts

This is a course for high school students. From setting up a camera to shooting, editing and uploading content, students learn all aspects of video production. They put their skills to use by serving as the crew for many of our live-streamed and recorded events.   Endorsed by the Virginia Department of Education, this semester course is eligible for a .5 independent study credit for high school students. 

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Watch Bardathon 2018, streamed and recorded live from the Libby S. Gottwald Playhouse by Video Production students.

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