Perkinson Center for the arts and education

January 20, 2024 @ 10:00 am

The Genworth Lights Up! Youth Series is on the road! This series offers youth ages 3-18 the opportunity to partake in workshops and experience performances by local arts groups in community centers and schools across the region. Workshops are FREE for everyone to attend!

The next workshop takes place on January 20, 2024 at Perkinson Center for the Arts & Education. Check-in will begin at 9:30 am with the performance kicking off at 10:00 am. Each age group will get the chance to partake in both a visual and performing arts workshop following the performance. The event will wrap around 12:30 pm, leaving time for you to enjoy the afternoon. Pre-registration is not required but encouraged.

All Richmond Performing Arts Alliance (RPAA) representatives will be wearing name tags that identify them as RPAA employees or Lights Up! volunteers. Please seek their assistance whenever you need it. Parents/guardians must remain on site for students age 13 or younger. Students should be advised by parents/caretakers to remain in the building at all times and only leave with assigned caretakers. If your child is 14 or older and you plan to drop them off, please ensure that you return to the event no later than at 12:30 PM to pick them up.

Waiting parents and guardians are also welcome to join their children in each workshop, space permitting, by observing in the provided seats. Parents of children ages 3-6 are asked to participate with your child in their workshops.


Suzi Redling

For your little ones with big personalities!  This class is designed to highlight the crucial link between performing arts and early childhood development, aiming to enhance engagement and support learning through the incorporation of rhythm, movement, imaginative play, and more.

This workshop is taught by Greater Richmond Wolf Trap teaching artist Suzi Redling.

Amy Barr

Draw and paint with Amy from Art Adventures! Each student takes home a piece of Art sure to dazzle you!

This workshop is taught by Amy Barr from Art Adventures.

Charlotte Brummette

Dive under the sea with a fun acrylic fish painting! We will be painting a bright portrait of an orange tropical fish on canvas! Learn about shading and highlighting with paint.

This workshop is taught by Charlotte Brummette from Creative Outlet Lady.

Latin Ballet of Virginia Two Dancers

In this workshop we will get together to celebrate the history that influenced the rhythm, music and dance of Latin America. Salsa, merengue, flamenco and reggae are dances made for the soul (Alma), and we want to share them with you.

This workshop is taught by Latin Ballet of Virginia.

Broken Leg Theater Logo

Auditions can be intimidating!  In this workshop we’ll help you learn how to prepare so that you’ll be ready to shine brightly!  

Things you’ll learn: 

  • What you should be doing before (prep), during, and after your audition
  • Tips that can make you stand out in an audition
  • What you SHOULD do in your audition
  • About the various types of auditions
  • What not to do in an audition
  • What to wear to an audition
  • Acting tips

This workshop will be taught by Les Harper, Heather Miles and the Cast of Broken Leg Theater’s Steel Magnolias.

Caitlan Phelps

This workshop will teach techniques into stage makeup. Specifically “trauma” and zombie makeup. Trauma makeup refers to creating a bruise, wound or other type of injury or cut on the skin. Using a variety of makeup, students will learn how to apply makeup to give a realistic “injured” look.

This workshop will be taught by Caitlan Phelps.

Latin Ballet of Virginia Logo

Alma Latina celebrates the Native, African and Spanish roots that influenced the Latino American culture. This educational performance includes historical and cultural information about Latino America, the Caribbean and Spain.