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The Genworth Lights Up! Youth Series offers FREE workshops and performances for youth of all ages. This year, the series will be “On the Road” and in the community.

The season finale of the 2022-23 Genworth Lights Up! Youth Series will be “crashing” the Parking Lot Party on May 6 from 2-6 pm in the parking lot behind Dominion Energy Center. After being “On the Road” since September, the series will mash-up with the Parking Lot Party by providing workshops-for the whole family-throughout the event.

Your Presence is Your Permission
Photographers and videographers will be capturing each of our Lights Up! events throughout the year. Some media (images/video) may be used in later promotional materials, publications, news releases, or other communications related to the mission of Richmond Performing Arts Alliance. Your presence at the event is seen as your permission for such promotional use by RPAA.

Virtual Workshops