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RPAA is excited to present RPAA Night in partnership with Broadway in Richmond for the 2023-24 season. RPAA will sponsor a limited number of tickets available to individuals from designated communities for free to select Wednesday evening performances that will include a pre-show event complementing the show’s theme.

These events will primarily have an educational focus with elements such as lectures, guided discussions, chatbacks, masterclasses/workshops, panels, mini-performances, or even a resource fair. Further educational supplements will also be provided to teachers through RPAA’s school district partners. These tools may serve as a resource to provide context and lead class exercises, assignments, and reflections for classes that are attending or are simply interested in exploring the show.

RPAA strives to ensure that students, educators, and community members have equitable access to high-quality arts education and programming, supporting a thriving region known for its creative and vibrant culture.

Important Information

The purpose of the free ticket program is to provide as many community members with opportunities to see Broadway in Richmond shows as possible. In order to accomplish this goal, we kindly ask that you review the following guidelines before submitting your ticket request.


  1. While we wish we could give tickets to everyone who submits a request, we have a limited number of tickets available for each show. 

  2. In addition to the ticket criteria that has been set for each show, requests will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis. 

  3. If you are selected to receive tickets, please attend the show. No-shows will not be considered to receive tickets in the future.

  4. Some performances may not be appropriate for all ages. See individual event pages for details. Parents should use their discretion when requesting tickets.

  5. There will be pre-show events at each RPAA Night that all confirmed ticket holders are invited to attend. We hope everyone attending will be able to join us for these events, but attendance is not mandatory to enjoy the performance.



The Altria Theater is located at 6. N Laurel Street, on the corner of Laurel Street and Main Street, in Richmond, Virginia. Click here to view nearby parking options.

Altria Theater is dedicated to providing a pleasurable theater experience for all individuals. Click here to view a list of accommodations. Should you or your loved ones be in need of further assistance, please call our Box Office at (804) 592-3384, Monday-Friday, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.


As of July 1, 2022, all transactions at Altria Theater and Dominion Energy Center will be cashless. All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Gift Cards. Service charges apply to all orders.

For each RPAA Night, everyone who receives tickets is invited to attend our pre-show event.  This event will last 1 hour and will be unique to each show this season.


For more details on your visit to Altria Theater, please visit their website: https://www.altriatheater.com/visit 

There’s electricity in the air as the lights dim. A hush falls over the audience as the music begins to play and the curtain lifts. You sit back in your seat, and the stage in front of you becomes a different world. There is something undeniably magical about live theater.  –  JOHN ALOIS, CultureOwl

As audience members, every time we attend a live performance, we enter into a partnership with the actors on the stage and fellow audience members.  In order to make everyone’s experience magical, it’s important to remember these audience norms: 

  • Arrive at the theater 45 minutes before the show is scheduled to begin.  
  • All phones must be turned off or silenced (no vibration) during the show. You won’t need your phone anyway because you should not text, email, snap chat or use any social/interactive media during the show. You are invited to use social media platforms before and after the show and during intermission but do not use them during the performance. It’s distracting for everyone around you and the actors. (The actors can see the light of your phone and hear you from the stage.) 
  • Use the restrooms before the show, after the show or during intermission. It’s important to remind younger audience members to use the bathroom before getting seated as well.  
  • While food and drink are allowed in the Altria Theater, please be aware that candy wrappers and crunchy snacks can be loud and therefore distracting to your fellow audience members.  Please open candy wrappers before the show begins.
  • You may not take any pictures or videos of the performance. You are more than welcome to take pictures/videos before and after a show and during intermission. If you capture any fun moments with your family while attending RPAA Night, please feel free to tag @rpaalliance and use hashtags #rpaanight and #RVAtakesthestage in any positive and respectful posts.
  • Do not chat during the performance. If you talk, not only can the people around you hear whatever you may be saying, but the performers can hear you, too. Plus, if you’re focused on a conversation with your neighbor, you’re not paying attention to the show. Finally, if someone around you is talking, keep in mind that loud “shushing” can be just as distracting as conversation. If people continue to talk, an usher will come by to quiet unwanted conversation.
  • Remain in your seat. Once the show begins, you shouldn’t get up from your seat unless you must use the restroom or it’s an emergency.
  • Stay for the Entire Show. By enjoying tickets for RPAA Night, you are committed to attending and staying for the entire show, which includes respectfully watching the production. If a situation arises in which you must leave early, please do so at intermission so as to not disturb other patrons.
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