Students & Families

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Students & Families

Thousands of students from all across the region have participated in our arts education programs. Through our school programs, we develop artistic, academic and social skills that extend beyond the art form. Our community programs are geared towards families and youth by exposing audiences to the arts — many for the first time — or engaging participants in the artistic process.

Video Production Course

This is a course for high school students. From setting up a camera to shooting, editing and uploading content, students learn all aspects of video production. They put their skills to use by serving as the crew for many of our live-streamed and recorded events.   Endorsed by the Virginia Department of Education, this semester course is eligible for a .5 independent study credit for high school students. 

Learn more!

Watch Bardathon 2018, streamed and recorded live from the Libby S. Gottwald Playhouse by Video Production students.

Genworth Lights Up! Youth SERIES

For the last nine years, RPAA has hosted a biennial open house where local artists and arts organizations came together to offer more than 30 workshops, lecture-demonstrations, and performances.  In celebration of our 10th Anniversary, we are expanding this from a one-day event to a series of workshops and performances exploring different aspects of the performing arts world with opportunities for the whole family!

Registration opens in August 2019.

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