Richmond Performing Arts Alliance (RPAA) has launched a new app that is changing the way that individuals engage with local arts and cultural organizations. The RPAA app features a program called #ArtsHuntRVA – a unique and interactive experience that invites users to embark on a virtual scavenger hunt of participating locations throughout the greater Richmond region. 

#ArtsHuntRVA is a program that was created in the height of the pandemic as a way for people to continue to support arts and culture in their community. Since its launch, the program has grown to showcase approximately 40 organizations with secret locations and opportunities to win prizes. Users are encouraged to share their experiences, discoveries, and achievements on social media, creating a space to uplift and celebrate the vibrant culture that makes our city unique.

Over the last year #ArtsHuntRVA has undergone a number of updates to further enhance the experience for participants. In partnership with MAXX Potential, the RPAA app has been developed to streamline the program and make it accessible with the click of a button.


The RPAA app is available now through Google Play and the iOS App Store. #ArtsHuntRVA uplifts RPAA’s mission to support the artists of today by creating a resource to increase awareness around a range of artistic experiences.


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Richmond Performing Arts Alliance (RPAA)
Advancing the performing arts in the Richmond region through programs and resources that SUPPORT the artists of today, NURTURE the artists of tomorrow, and provide spaces for the arts to THRIVE. Its family of venues include Dominion Energy Center, home to the historic Carpenter Theatre, Libby S. Gottwald Playhouse, Mooney Hall, and the Genworth BrightLights Education Center, as well as Altria Theater – the largest performance venue between New York and Atlanta. RPAA’s BrightLights Education Initiatives provide accessible arts education to children throughout the Richmond region in the public school system, at community centers, and in the venues. 

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