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Video Production through the Performing Arts

Each semester, RPAA offers Video Production through the Performing Arts for students who are in grades 9-12. A Level 1 course is offered in both the Fall and Spring and Level 2 is offered in the Spring to students who have completed Level 1. Below are descriptions of each class. Registration is currently open for our Summer Virtual Course. Follow us on Facebook to be the first to know when new classes open up!

Virtual Summer Camp:

Memes, GIFs, and Viral Videos: if you spend time on the internet, you already know about viral media. But what is it? How and why does it work? For good and bad, communication has accelerated and evolved into something new on the internet. In a world of constantly changing content, is there room to create art? We will use free software to create our own Memes, GIFs, and Videos. This weeklong course will encourage students to understand the craft of visual communication. By learning to create digital media, and to critically think about internet content, students will become better artists, consumers, and communicators. Social media accounts are not required for this course.

Camp Dates:  July 26-30

Camp Time: GoogleMeet @11am 

Camp Cost: $50



Level 1 Course (Fall 2021 dates TBA):

Students are introduced to the world of videography from the inception of an idea and storytelling to setting up single and multi-camera productions, editing and content distribution.  They also have the opportunity to put their skills to use by serving as the crew for our live-streamed and recorded events.  These events are produced out of the Digital Arts Lab in our Genworth BrightLights Education Center.  Endorsed by the Virginia Department of Education, this semester course is eligible for a .5 independent study credit for high school students.  The course is free for public high school and charter school students and only $150 for private students and home-schooled students. 

Level 2 Course (Spring 2021 dates TBA):

In this course, students will continue to hone their videography skills while learning more about careers in video production.  Through deeper instruction in Adobe Creative Cloud, students will shoot, edit, and publish their own content for various audiences. As in the Level 1 course, students will be given opportunities to work as crew for events scheduled through RPAA.  In addition, they will have a chance to tour local video production businesses in the Richmond area and have an opportunity to see how the skills they are developing could ultimately translate into a career. The course is free for public high school and charter school students and only $150 for private school students and home-schooled students.


If you would like more information about any of our programs offered through the Digital Arts Lab or have questions, please contact our Media Content Specialist- Andrew Keeton at or (804) 592-3392.



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