BrightLights Education Initiatives RPAA

Genworth BrightLights Education Center

The Genworth BrightLights Education Center serves as the hub for RPAA education programs. It hosts a variety of meetings, workshops and classes offered by RPAA, resident companies, and other arts partners and community organizations. The BrightLights Education Center boasts a dance studio, a classroom, the Digital Arts Lab video production studio, and spacious lobby. Spaces are available for outside companies and organizations to rent for meetings, workshops and more.

To schedule a tour or learn more, please contact Education Program Coordinator Hillary Kay at

  1. Annual requests (long-term or frequent use of 2 or 3 rooms/spaces during the week, or frequent use of 1 or more rooms/spaces per month on weekends) will typically be invoiced on a quarterly basis. 
  2. Periodic requests will be invoiced per event. 
  3. We can receive cancellations for your reservation up to 24 hours prior to reservation time. After that, you will be charged for the reservation, whether the space has been used or not.
  4. RPAA will provide appropriate signage, however, it is the User’s responsibility to provide the language for the signage, as well as to communicate clearly with their participants per location and directions.
  5. Security is provided Monday – Friday, 8AM – 5PM during the typical performing arts season—September through June. Summer and holiday hours differ, so contact Hillary Kay with further questions.
  6. If you need to reserve outside of these hours, you will be charged for the cost of security at a rate of approximately $18/hour, per ASM policy, with a required minimum of 4 hours.
  7. The RPAA Director of Education & Community Engagement will maintain final decision-making authority on utilization and scheduling of space within the GBLEC.
  1. All Users and participants are required to enter through the 7 th Street Security Entrance, and sign in and out with building Security.
  2. For classes and events involving children 18 and under, you are expected to gather all participants at Security and proceed to the third floor together. The same is expected for exiting.
  3. It is expected that the User ensures that participants proceed directly to the 3rd floor and that participants do not meander into other sections of the building.
  4. Renter is expected to communicate procedures for parking, pick-up, and drop-off with all guests related to their rentals. RPAA is not responsible for any tickets and/or citations that may result from a breach in proper procedures.


We will continue to follow the guidance from local, state, and federal agencies including the Virginia Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. All organizations utilizing the Genworth Bright Lights Education Center spaces should follow the most recent guidelines and recommendations from the organizations listed above.